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" Life's a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. "

24 June
I´m single , mid-thirties , graduated in Law , civil servant .
I like a lot music ( not rap or hard rock ), cinema and reading .
Love animals . Especially dogs, horses and dolphins.

I speak a little bit of English and understand French and Italian when are written , not as much when are spoken . My native language is Spanish . So , feel free to post using any of those languages if you wish , but I imagine English is the common language for most of users.

I was born under Cancer , so I´m a great dreamer , but I try to keep my feet on earth as much as I can LOL

I love eating chocolates, candies and all that unhealthy things.

Absolutely do love Jay , human being and actor , and enjoyed a lot VM and ML.

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